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Why Kevin Love is a perfect fit for the Phoenix Suns

According to an NBA insider, the Suns are a top contender for buyout candidate Kevin Love. Where will the former all-NBA player fit in the rotation?

According to Brian Windhorst, the Suns are a team that is seen as a “contender” for buyout candidate Kevin Love. He is not the same player he used be, but Love can still play 10-15 minutes for a championship contender.

The Suns are a team that is in need of depth after trading for Kevin Durant. They have already landed Terrence Ross after his pending buyout from the Magic. Kevin Love has regressed heavily this season, with his shooting being the biggest issue. The former All-Star is shooting 38 from the floor. But he’s still been somewhat reasonable from behind the arc, hitting about 35 percent of his 3s.

Kevin Love could help the Phoenix Suns toward the end of their bench

Nobody is expecting the aging vet to start or even be the sixth or seventh off the bench for the Suns in a playoff series. Still, Love could play 10 to 15 minutes off the bench in as the eighth or ninth man in the rotation. Adding a shooter like Love will allow another option for Monty Williams.

As mentioned by Ian Levy, there are other teams that could use Love. Those teams could offer the former all-NBA player a bigger role than the Suns can. Phoenix can offer Love a better chance of getting another title.

When it comes to where Love will go, it will come down to how many minutes he wants vs whether he wants to get another ring. With the West tight as much as it is, this may be a game-changing decision by Love.

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