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Raptors asking price for OG Anunoby was even higher than reported

OG Anunoby was one of the best available players at the NBA Trade Deadline. He wasn’t moved and the Raptors asking price may have been the reason.

According to Zach Lowe’s most recent podcast, two teams offered a lot for OG Aunonby. The Grizzles reportedly offered three first-round picks in a deal for the elite defensive wing and the Pacers offered three first-round picks and a second (which would have been the Rockets’ second, which is basically like a first-round pick in terms of the prospect as Houston has one of the worst records in the league.)

It had been reported that the Raptors wanted at least three first-round picks for Anunoby but apparently, even that wasn’t enough to seal a deal.

OG Anunoby will still be a hot trade target before the NBA Draft

Going into this season, it wasn’t expected that Indiana would be at the point they are at right now. While they have struggled since their hot start, the Pacers have solid franchise pieces in Tryese Hailburton and Bennedict Mathurin. It seems that the Pacers were trying to get a player that could support Hailburton and Mathurin with solid defense and 3-point shooting. Aunonby would have been a good fit in that role.

The Grizzles did make a move for Luke Kennard at the deadline. While they only traded seconds for him, this deal didn’t make much sense as Kennard struggles on defense. After the trade of Kevin Durant, there are a lot of elite wings playing in the West. Memphis probably should have made a move for a wing, that wasn’t at Aunonby’s price.

Still, the Grizzles are gonna be a contender for a trip to the finals this season. Indiana on the other hand has a promising future but will settle for a chance at the play-in this season.

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