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5 moves the Sixers can make to turn season around

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If the Philadelphia 76ers made any of these five moves, it could erase a disappointing start to their season

The Philadelphia 76ers are currently sitting at 11-9, in sixth place in the Eastern Conference. For many teams, this might be prime position in a competitive conference with two clear favorites in the Bucks and the Celtics and newcomer Cavaliers who are looking like a potential contender early in the season. But for the 76ers, a team with arguably last season’s MVP in Joel Embiid, a former MVP in James Harden, and the incredibly talented Tyrese Maxey, this has been disappointing.

That said, the 76ers have looked better in recent weeks. In Ben Simmons’s return to Philadelphia, the 76ers defeated the Nets without their three main scorers. November also saw them defeat the Bucks, the Suns, and the Jazz, so hope is not completely lost. But in the event that more losses start to pile up, and the team starts to shift into panic mode, the following five moves could help resurrect what has so far been a forgettable season for such a talented team.

5. Fire Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers was on the hot seat before the season started, or at least a very warm seat. Concerns about playoff performance have followed him wherever he’s gone, and 76ers fans have started to join in that sentiment. In defense of Doc, his 76ers teams have been plagued by injury, and even if fully healthy, it’s hard to imagine them taking down the Bucks, or the Celtics, or the Heat the past few seasons. Kawhi Leonard’s last second heroics in 2019 probably stole the 76ers best chance at a title, and that was during the Brett Brown era.

But when any team underperforms, the coach is going to be the first to go. Steve Nash was given one of the most talented NBA teams in recent memory. There were a host of other problems to manage, but Durant, Irving, and Simmons weren’t leaving before Nash. Doc is in a similar circumstance. While he got the benefit of the doubt last season, as Harden and other new pieces needed time to adjust, but if the current roster shows no signs of improving, it’s likely Doc may have an early offseason in 2023.

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