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Olympian level hater Skip Bayless threw shade on Bronny James’ dunk

Bronny James showed shades of his father with a massive dunk at FIBA U18 but Skip Bayless, of course, had to lace up his hating shoes and get to work.

The basketball world was buzzing on Tuesday morning as Bronny James gave us more shades of his father, one LeBron James, while competing for the California Club in the FIBA-U18 tournament in France.

Driving down the lane, James got on the shoulder of his defender and went right to the rim. Really giving us a look at the similarities between him and his pops, Bronny rose up and threw down an abrupt tomahawk jam.

It was impressive from the 17-year-old Sierra Canyon star — or at least it was impressive to everyone but the king of the haters, the reigning gold medalist in the hating Olympics, Skip Bayless.

Skip Bayless shades Bronny James dunk because of course he did

Bayless, who might be the most vocal critic in the world when it comes to LeBron James, passive-aggressively felt the need to say “impressive” before letting him know that he should’ve used his left hand and that he got “lucky” to not get his dunk blocked by the defender.

This is textbook hating at the highest level. The form of going slight compliment into a correction of why the player made the play wrong is timeless but always effective. Throw in the “you sure got away with it” and we have Skip working his craft in a masterclass performance.

In all seriousness, though, this man will stop at nothing when it comes to shading every LeBron James in the world, Sr. or Jr. He does not discriminate and will take every opportunity imaginable to go after the family of hoopers.

The good news is that Bronny James most likely shouldn’t care less. He’s still a 4-star recruit going through the process and, by the looks of it, he’s well on his way to forging his own successful path on the hardwood.

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