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Jalen Green got geeked by a kid in a camp drill (Video)

Jalen Green tried to D-up a camper but the Rockets star got more than he bargained for as the kid put the second-year guard on skates. 

There was a lot to like about what Jalen Green showed the Houston Rockets in his rookie season last year. Sure, he had his growing pains as any player his age would when asked to be a focal point of the team. Having said that, his offensive prowess was undeniable and figures to make the franchise fun to watch for years.

That is, of course, if he doesn’t keep getting his ankles broken by campers in the offseason.

While helping out at a camp and running a one-on-one drill with the kids, Green let a youngster drive on him. But when the camper pulled out an admittedly pretty nasty fake, the Rockets guard bit hard on it, leaving him sprawling while the kid sunk an easy shot at the rim.

Rockets: Jalen Green gets geeked with camper’s moves

That’s certainly not going to give any NBA fans who have been critical of Green’s defense to this point any less fodder to use against him…

All in all, though, this is nothing more than a hilarious offseason moment for Green. We’ve seen things like this in the past from numerous players. Perhaps one of the most viral was when Jordan Crawford — yes, that Jordan Crawford — dunked on LeBron James at a camp when he was in high school.

That’s not the only one, but when you have an NBA player matched up with kids, they aren’t taking it particularly seriously and that leaves them susceptible to something like this. It’s embarrassing, but surely not a referendum on their ability.

Even still, that camper is going to have bragging rights for a long, long time.

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