Sacramento Kings, The Whiteboard

The Sacramento Kings should stick to reading, not writing, The Whiteboard

The Sacramento Kings need to leave working with The Whiteboard to the professionals.

Leslie Knope was not addressing the Sacramento Kings (or the Orlando Magic) when she gave a presentation with bullet points such as “You Blew It” and “Complete Buffoonery”, but it may seem that way in retrospect after both NBA teams made big-time whiteboard related gaffes.

There are really only two whiteboard gaffes out there to make. Number one, not reading The Whiteboard every weekday morning. That’s a big-time flub that should be corrected immediately by subscribing to The Whiteboard email newsletter.

The second Whiteboard flub is writing something sensitive on a whiteboard (lowercase w for non-digital whiteboards) and leaving it there for people to see. Somehow, since the beginning of 2017, two NBA teams have managed to make that error. (It’s unknown how many NBA teams actively read The Whiteboard, but I like to assume all of them do.)

In case you somehow missed it, the Magic let a picture of their whiteboard get out right near the end of their 2016-17 NBA season. Orlando’s whiteboard contained hilarities such as having Jeff Green on there twice, and esteemed free agent targets like Chandler Parsons and Luol Deng listed.

The Kings being the Kings meant Sacramento had to one-up the Magic on this one, so Kings GM Vlade Divac posed for a picture in front of a Kings whiteboard before the season started this time around. This particular whiteboard contained what appeared to be Sacramento’s draft board, in addition to some years written down and what could be a projection for the Kings’ record (29-53).

The best part might be that some nine hours later, at roughly 9 p.m. Central time, the original tweet from agent Joe Pasternack was still available on Twitter.

I mean, this is just incredible. The NBA gives so much in terms of content and humor just through what happens in press conferences, media availability, and on the court. Now we’ve got teams letting information written on whiteboards get out via Twitter too?? The fun just doesn’t end.

This just goes to show that the only whiteboard that can be trusted is the capitalized version. The Whiteboard will never leak your very realistic win projections and lists of uninspiring free agent targets, folks.

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