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Is Capital City Go-Go a great name or a terrible name?

The Washington Wizards decided to name their G League team the Capital City Go-Go. Yes, really.

As one of the few remaining NBA teams without a G League affiliate until this coming season, the Washington Wizards are getting a chance to design and build a new franchise from the ground up. Washington is going bold with its new entity.

The Wizards’ G League team was announced as the Capital City Go-Go on December 1, 2017. The Go-Go are currently worth discussing for two reasons.

  1. The Capital City Go-Go expansion draft is in a week on August 22.
  2. The Capital City Go-Go is named the Capital City Go-Go.

The Capital City part of the name is a nod to Washington’s history in D.C. After the Bullets moved from Baltimore, for one season they were the Capital City Bullets. In case you were not aware, Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States.

That’s fine. The Go-Go is not the first team to use a city nickname, considering the Windy City Bulls is the name of Chicago’s G League affiliate. The basketball history of the name adds a nice touch as well.

The Go-Go, though?! According to a press release from the team, the name comes from a local style of music made popular in the late 1970s. My first take is that the Wisconsin Herd really missed out by not going by the Wisconsin Polka.

My second take is that the name is not terrible. If, as the press release contends, go-go music is really that popular, then it makes sense to name the team after something unmistakably local. Minor league teams rely on local fans much more than world-famous clubs do. The Go-Go will need support from those living in D.C.

Furthermore, fun names are fun. The Lakers affiliate switching from the L.A. D-Fenders to the South Bay Lakers was sad, because there’s just no originality there. There will be a lot of bad puns involved, but the Go-Go took a chance and went for it, and that just might pay off. It’s a great name. I think I need a Go-Go shirt, honestly.

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