5 athletes that could shock the world with a ‘fresh start’ on social media

What would happen if five of the biggest names in sports suddenly did a full-blown reset of their social media accounts?

On Monday, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones caused a stir on social media when he made his Twitter account private and stopped following everyone in the Falcons organization, without any kind of explanation. As expected, Jones’ decision led to a lot of handwringing among Falcons fans about what was going to happen to one of their biggest stars.

So what would happen if other athletes followed Jones’ lead, and hit the rest button on their social media accounts? How big would the meltdown be if James Harden unfollowed all his Houston Rockets teammates, or Giancarlo Stanton suddenly disassociated himself from the New York Yankees? Those are the sorts of questions we’re here to answer.

Is this a serious list? No. But given how much outcry their was in response to Jones’ social media activity, it’s hard not to wonder how people would react to some other big-name athletes doing the same thing. Here are five of the most intriguing.


1. Tom Brady

Ahh yes, the crown jewel of the NFL. Tom Brady is the heralded quarterback of the New England Patriots. He has been the centerpiece of the NFL for a decade. Could you imagine Brady playing for any other NFL team? Granted, he hasn’t officially declared he’s playing in 2018, but you know as well as anyone else that he’ll not go out with a loss to the Eagles in the Super Bowl. It would’ve been one thing if he retired after the big comeback victory over the Falcons a couple of years ago. But not like this year’s Super Bowl. Not like that.

What would happen if he just erased every member of the Patriots from his Twitter account? You don’t think there wouldn’t be a full-scale riot at Foxborough? That would get everybody talking all over the league! Better yet, how bad would it have been if he unfollowed everyone and went radio silent the morning after the Eagles victory? It would’ve been madness atop the AFC East.

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