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Steph Curry’s new low-top Under Armour shoes will be his kryptonite

Stephen Curry is destined to have a date with ankle disaster wearing his new low-top Under Armour sneakers.

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is coming back from a right ankle injury wearing his new low-top sneakers from Under Armour.

All we can ask is why?

Curry tweaked his right ankle in a win against the San Antonio Spurs a couple of weeks ago, and it seems like the ghost of ankle past has come back to hunt Curry, who shook off the problematic ankles to become one of the NBA’s most recognizable stars.

Curry will make his debut against the downtrodden Atlanta Hawks, but the shoes that he’ll be rocking when he hits the court is what have fans asking themselves if Curry has a date with ankle disaster?

As you may recall from a previous story, Under Armour released the new “Curry 5” low-top shoe, just after he injured his right ankle. It’s quite surprising as to why Curry would transition back to the low-top after spending the majority of his post-ankle problem career wearing mid or high-tops.

He almost went back to wearing low-tops in the 2016 NBA Finals, but Warriors officials and his agent, Jeff Austin, pleaded with him not to make the switch. Two years later, it seems like nothing will change his mind: Not his agent, not the team’s front office, not even his tortured ankle, may be able to talk him out of not slipping on his Curry5s for game action.

You can’t help but have the feeling that those Curry 5s could very well be his kryptonite.

The man just came back from an ankle injury, so why in the world would want to switch to low-tops for hame action? It’s like Curry has an undying taste for ruining his ankle, which is what will happen if he makes one wrong step on the court with his new low-tops.

Let us all pray for Curry’s ankle because they need all the prayers it can get right now.

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