Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis really became a drug kingpin?

Glen “Big Baby” Davis, no longer in the NBA, seems to have gotten himself into some legal trouble after he was busted in a hotel in Maryland.

Remember Glen “Big Baby” Davis,  the lovable teddy bear who came from LSU and played an important role in the Boston Celtics 2008 Championship? Yes, that “Big Baby” who was often praised for his gritty style of play, but mocked for his lack of athleticism, coordination and grace.

Well, Davis has gotten himself into a pickle and this one is not near as funny as his NBA “game” was. Davis, who last played two seasons ago for Doc Rivers in Los Angeles, was arrested in Aberdeen, Maryland with a lot of marijuana.

According to reports from various media outlets, on Feb. 7 at a Hampton Inn (of all places), “Big Baby” was jammed up with 126 grams of pot and a briefcase containing $92,164 in cash. The former NBA champion continued to outdo himself, as police also found what is being referred to as a ledger with names and descriptive language.

Oh, “Big Baby,” what are you doing? You gave us many cringe-worthy moments along the way in your career, but this tops the cake. While everyone is entitled to a fair day in court and is innocent until proven guilty, the chips looked stacked against Davis. With the “smoking gun” in the forms of a ledger and what most would see as a tangible paper trail, “Big Baby” is definitely not the smartest criminal to ever do it.

Upon leaving the game and fading off into retirement, some athletes choose to play more golf, spend time with the family, get into broadcasting or even win an Oscar, “Big Baby” has now chosen the streets and an El Chapo-esque lifestyle. Retirement seems to be going “just fine” for Davis, what on earth could be next?

It might be time to pick up some basket-weaving . . .

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