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Lakers acquire Mo Bamba for Patrick Beverley, picks

In the waning minutes of the trade deadline, the Lakers made another move by trading Beverley’s expiring contract and picks for Mo Bamba. 

According to Shams Charania, the Lakers traded Patrick Beverley and second-round picks for Mo Bamba. This was the third trade of the deadline for the Lakers, and it seems that their front office continues to have a good trade deadline, at least on paper.

L.A. has now added D’Angelo Russell, Jarred Vanderbilt, Malik Beasley, and Mo Bamba during this trade deadline. All of these players are very young and could be a part of the team past their respective current contracts.

Magic Get

Patrick Beverley

second-round picks

The Lakers get a new backup center in Mo Bamba

The Lakers were able to trade a disgruntled Thomas Bryant for second-round picks and use those picks and Patrick Beverley’s expiring contract for Bamba. Essentially, the Lakers were able to trade a backup center who was upset about playing time and turn that player into a similarly solid backup center who is able to space the floor as well. L.A. had a great trade deadline, they only traded one first-round pick and seconds but they were able to make major upgrades. The Lakers have surrounded their two top talents with four role players. Mo Bamba has two years left on his deal with the second year of the deal being non-guaranteed.

Lakers Grade: B/B+

Magic didn’t get what they needed

The Magic are gonna end up with multiple seconds in this deal. Still, they did not reach their goal of getting a first-round pick for the center. This deal was made last minute as it seemed that Orlando settled for this offer. At least the Magic got something value for Bamba. Magic doesn’t have to take any extra money past this season which is very good. I was surprised that the Magic didn’t make any other trades but this one was a solid trade as Orlando was able to still get something in return for a player who wasn’t gonna be with the team long-term.

Magic: C+/B-

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