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LeBron James sounds like a broken man reacting to Kyrie Irving trade

Lebron James sounds like a broken man reacting to Kyrie Irving trade.

After the bombshell that sent the NBA world into shockwaves that were the Kyrie Irving trade to Dallas. Irving’s former teammate LeBron James has responded to the Lakers not trading for Irving.

In a tweet that was sent from James’ social media account, the all-NBA player tweeted “maybe it’s me.” While the tweet wasn’t calling out anything specifically it seems this is in response to the Lakers not being able to acquire Irving with their offer of two first-round picks and Westbrook.

The Lakers were hesitant to offer those picks fully unprotected for Irving and this is one of the reasons that they were not able to allow the ball-handler to don the purple and gold. It seems going into this season that the Lakers were going to trade those two first-round picks in 2027 and 2029 but the Lakers’ front office has been unable to fully go all-in this season. It seemed like those picks were gonna be traded as James signed an extension in the offseason after the season when the Lakers didn’t make the playoff.

LeBron James tweeted about the Kyrie Irving trade

At the beginning of the season, the Lakers could have acquired Buddy Hield and Myles Turner if they offered those two first-round picks but refused to offer both of them in a deal. In this most recent opportunity, the Lakers were hesitant to offer Max Christie in a deal for Irving which certainly upset James a lot because Christie is currently a young player developing in the G-league.

It seemed that the Lakers’ front office would be able to appease James and the fanbase after not trading those first-round picks at the beginning of the season as Irving requested a trade over the weekend. Additionally, the Lakers have a chance to acquire Irving in the previous off-season but were unable to due to not presenting those picks as well in that trade.

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