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Sports figures react on social media to potential Twitter shutdown

Sports figures react on social media to potential Twitter shutdown.

It seems like the end might be in sight for the social media platform Twitter. And we’re not handling it all that well.

The writing has been on the wall ever since Elon Musk purchased Twitter and then promptly thew the platform into a tailspin.

First Musk allowed users to buy the blue verification tab that may have cost a company a whole lot of money, then he revoked the work-from-home culture and then on Wednesday he sent an email saying employees “need to be extremely hardcore.” On Thursday it was reported that due to mass resignations all employee’s badges were deactivated. 

Here’s how Twitter reacted to potentially never being able to react on Twitter ever again

We might be making fun of this now but we need to remember that there are thousands of people who have or are about to lose their jobs. Let’s try to remember this social media app could be the difference between a single mom making rent or an almost-retirement-age person having to start all over again. It’s more than just memes and blue check marks.


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