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3 NBA teams who already look like they need a trade

We’re only seven or eight games into the 2022-23 NBA season. And yet, there are teams who already look like they need a trade.

Whether or not you concur with the decision to tank, some teams don’t need a trade, simply because they’re supposed to be terrible.

For example, the Houston Rockets. They were destined to be a rebuilding team for at least the next few years, so it’s no surprise they’ve only won one game thus far. The same goes for the Orlando Magic.

But, for some teams, expectations haven’t quite aligned with reality. The Brooklyn Nets have won one more game than the Rockets. Yes, a team that possesses Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons has won one more game than a team led by a rookie in Jabari Smith Jr.

In reality, the Nets aren’t currently in a position to make any trades. Essentially, they have no head coach for the future, Irving just got suspended and continues to be a bigger problem than anything, and Ben Simmons is still finding his identity. Durant is alone on an island.

Nobody in their right mind would trade for Irving or Simmons right now and none of the other players on the roster would give the Nets anything valuable in return.

So, excluding the Nets, here are three teams who already look like they need a trade.

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