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Fan throws drink at Luka Doncic during end of Mavericks-Nets (Video)

In overtime between the Mavericks and Nets, a fan at Barclays Center threw a drink, seemingly aimed at Luka Doncic, onto the floor and stopped play. 

Things have not gone the way of the Brooklyn Nets early in the 2022-23 NBA season. With Ben Simmons afraid to shoot and a litany of other issues, the club fell to 1-4 to begin the yeaer with an overtime loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday night.

And apparently one fan at Barclays Center — one we can only assume is a Nets fan — was not taking things well.

With the Mavs up by eight points in overtime with only 1:40 left on the clock, Dallas lined up for a free throw when play had to be stopped. That was because a fan threw their drink onto the floor and caused a big spill. Even wilder is that the video seems to show that the fan had Luka Doncic as their intended target.

Luka Doncic dodges drink thrown by fan during Mavericks-Nets overtime

It feels like we have the discussion about fans in an arena and how they behave every single year, but this was even more egregious than usual.

There are certain players who will definitely take issue with a fan talking too much trash, particularly if something that is said crosses a line. But it is truly never okay for a fan to be throwing something onto the floor.

Thankfully, this particular fan had truly terrible aim and missed Doncic by a foot or more with the drink that was thrown. Even still, you know that fan had to feel like a tremendous tool as the Nets fan at Barclays had to wait longer for the team to take its fourth loss of the early season while attendants and trainers cleaned up the spill.

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