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James Harden shimmies on Marcus Smart: Best memes and tweets

Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden crossed up Boston Celtics defensive stalwart Marcus Smart, and social media had some fun at their expense.

Had James Harden converted his crossover into a made three-point field goal, then perhaps he could’ve avoided becoming a part of this meme. Yet, a wide-open shot hit nothing but the side rim, thus making Harden, along with Smart, quite meme-able.

Harden is the Swaggy P of this moment, while Smart is still flopping somewhere away from the play. Where, exactly? Perhaps we’ll never know.

Brick by brick, Harden can one day build his own home. Either that, or he can hang another jersey from the rafters of a club in Philly.

Smart, on the other hand, flailed his arms back as if he’d been hit with Harden’s brick ahead of time. Overall, this is a play that belongs in the Springfield, Mass. if only as an example of how not to play professional basketball.

James Harden shimmies on Marcus Smart: Memes and tweets

If Harden receives the benefit of the whistle this season, a return to form from his Houston days may in fact be in order. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the call on that play.

Neither did Smart, though. Where is he, anyway?

Goodbye, cruel world.

Flopping is an NBA art, so in this the pundits have a point — it’s best just to accept that part of the game. But can’t we give out an Oscar at the end of the year? It’s only fair.

Smart endured violence from Joel Embiid later in the game, which is what he’s referring to above. It was a long night for one of the best defenders the NBA has to offer.

If Harden truly is back to his previous form, and engaged on the basketball court, then Philly is a force to be reckoned with in the East.

But let’s calm down. It’s been one game.

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