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Ohio State AD shoots his shot with LeBron James after eligibility question

LeBron James was pondering the idea of his college eligibility if he played another sport and Ohio State AD Gene Smith made sure to shoot his shot. 

Ohio State football didn’t look like it needed much help this season in Week 4 as they ran through Wisconsin like a hot knife through butter in a rout. But if they do want some truly veteran assistance moving forward, athletic director Gene Smith is doing his part to try and make that happen by recruiting one of this generation’s greatest athletes, LeBron James.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: LeBron James has been a professional athlete for two decades at this point. There’s no way he could go back to Ohio State or any college.

Well, that was something the King was pondering himself this weekend while assumedly watching college football as he tweeted about what the eligibility rules would be for the Lakers superstar if he went to school to play another sport.

Smith took notice and reached out to ensure LeBron that he could play another sport that he would be considered an amateur in before noting that he could help out the NBA star with any further questions.

Ohio State AD makes his case for LeBron James to come play football for Buckeyes

Can you possibly imagine a 40-year-old LeBron James lining up at tight end for the Buckeyes? In an age where moments break the internet routinely, that would become a weekly thing if that came to fruition for Ohio State.

While it’s probably far-fetched, fans have long wondered how good LeBron James would have been if he pursued a career in football rather than basketball as he was considered one of the top football recruits in the state of Ohio coming out of high school.

But as James does indeed approach the assumed end of his NBA career, the Buckeyes can hold out hope that his next venture after basketball will see him padded up wearing scarlet and grey.

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