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New Ohio resident already pandering to Ohio State football fans

Donovan Mitchell is undeniably pandering to Ohio State football fans ahead of Week 1’s game.

While Ohioans are so excited about Donovan Mitchell joining the Cleveland Cavaliers backcourt, since when was he an Ohio State football fan?

Though few things unify Ohio quite like Buckeyes football, Mitchell didn’t exactly go to THE Ohio State University for college. He played for Rick Pitino at the University of Louisville, a school with a proud athletic history, and a darn good football team, too. Not to say this creeping up on Hillary Clinton levels of pandering, but let’s start by rocking a Guardians cap or a Browns jersey first…

The only thing that could be worse here is if somebody else happens to like the same song as him.

Donovan Mitchell is the NBA’s biggest Ohio State fan not named LeBron James

Look. If Mitchell helps the Cavs become an absolute wagon in the Eastern Conference, then more power to him. He was a huge reason behind the Utah Jazz’s strong run under previous head coach Quin Snyder. Now with Utah rebuilding, it made sense for Danny Ainge to deal one of his remaining stars after getting an absurd amount of draft picks for Rudy Gobert from Minnesota.

Although there are plenty of sidewalk alumni from THE Ohio State University, it is not like Mitchell went to a basketball-only school on the West Coast. He went to Louisville! King James can claim Ohio State because he probably would have gone there had he not gone straight to the pros. Plus, he is from Akron. Do you see Trae Young pandering to UGA when the Norman native went to OU?

Regardless, it is still a kind gesture by Mitchell to align himself with his new fanbase’s other interests. We often see professional athletes support the other teams in their cities. However, doing so with college teams is a tad different, especially when you played at Power Six school like Mitchell did at Louisville. The Guardians don’t play in the same league as the Mets, so there is that.

No matter how Mitchell’s blatant pandering lands with you, the Cavs are going to be a fun watch.

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