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Ranking all of the NBA dynasties throughout history

Over & Back examines every major NBA dynasty in history and ranks the best from the Jordan Bulls to the Duncan Spurs and more!

Jason Mann and Rich Kraetsch introduce a tier ranking strategy for NBA dynasties:

  • Tier 1: Dominance over a long period
  • Tier 2: Superiority over a long period plus some level of short-term dominance
  • Tier 3: Dominance over a short period or excellence over a long period

NBA dynasty rankings: Which team was the most dominant dynasty in history?

Which dynasties were clear locks for Tier 1, where do we place the Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ’80s Lakers, whether the 2000s Lakers are one dynasty connected by Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson or two separate dynasties splitting the Kobe & Shaquille O’Neal Lakers and the Kobe/Lamar Odom & Pau Gasol Lakers?

We also wrestle with how to classify the Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs, are the David Robinson & Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs the same as the Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Duncan Spurs, what about when Kawhi Leonard enters the picture?

We’ll also look at how to handle the John Havlicek Boston Celtics, where to rank the 1970s ABA-dynasty Indiana Pacers, Larry Bird’s Celtics, and whether LeBron James, Julius Erving, and Wilt Chamberlain were single-player dynasties, and so much more.

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