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Al Horford’s brother brings Kevin Durant-Celtics report into question

The brother of Celtics star Al Horford spoke for Boston fans when he called a report linking Jaylen Brown to a trade offer for Kevin Durant.

Josh Horford, the brother of Al Horford, is not buying the idea that the Celtics included Jaylen Brown in a bid for Nets superstar Kevin Durant.

“Y’all are confidently trusting the same sources that said the Celtics had a huge team argument early in the season when they were really just having a normal team breakfast lmao,” Horford tweeted after reports of the trade offer emerged.

Horford doesn’t claim to have sources, though he is a sibling of one of the Celtics’ key players. So it’s not like he was setting the record on the dealings between Boston and Brooklyn straight.

Still, his tweets struck a chord with Celtics fans who really want to believe talk about losing Brown isn’t true.

Al Horford’s brother brings Kevin Durant-Celtics report into question

The Boston organization may see Durant as a worthy endeavor but significant portions of the fanbase seemingly aren’t on board if it means sending Brown, or others, to Brooklyn.

There’s an obvious risk and reward to going all-out for Durant.

The reward? He’s a championship winner and one of the best talents in the game. He could be the piece that gets the Celtics over the hump.

The risk? He’s about to turn 34 years old and has played just 90 games since the end of the 2018-19 season. Being the best player on the court only matters if you can take the court in the first place.

Meanwhile, Brown is an up-and-comer at 25 years old. He may not ever reach Durant’s level but he’s got many more years ahead of him to contribute to Boston’s title pursuit.

Of course, disagreement with the Celtics’ logic in offering Brown for Durant doesn’t mean the reports from Adrian Wojnarowski, Shams Charania and just about every other credible NBA insider aren’t true. Wishful thinking can be powerful.

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