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Kevin Durant won’t compare Warriors to 1998 Bulls, but will troll Steve Kerr

Kevin Durant trolls Steve Kerr in 2017 Golden State Warriors-1998 Chicago Bulls comparisons.

While Kevin Durant may not know how the 2017 Golden State Warriors would have stacked up with the 1998 Chicago Bulls, he knows exactly what coach Steve Kerr would do to player Steve Kerr in the hypothetical basketball matchup.

As the Brooklyn Nets remain a hot mess in the dog days of summer, Durant quote tweeted his former Warriors teammate Draymond Green on how the 2017 Warriors would have matched up with the 1998 Bulls. Green is certain his franchise’s greatest team ever would have bested Michael Jordan’s Last Dance squad, but Durant is not so sure of that. He does know one thing…

Coach Kerr would have recognized player Kerr as a major defensive liability to exploit on Chicago.

“I can’t tell you what the results would be, but I do know that Steve Kerr would’ve demanded that we put Steve Kerr is as many pick-and-rolls as possible.”

During his lengthy playing career, Kerr was best known for knocking down 3s above all else.

It’s a great dig from Durant, but we once again must ask ourselves why he left basketball paradise.

Nets star Kevin Durant trolls Steve Kerr over 2017 Warriors-1998 Bulls comp

This will go down as one of the greatest sports debates for the foreseeable future: Who would have won an NBA Finals head-to-head between the best teams in Bulls and Warriors histories? These two juggernaut teams played in entirely different eras. The game was slower-paced and more physical in the late 1990s, while the late 2010s was a blur of shots and defensive switches.

What is undeniable here is the lone constant between these two championship teams is Kerr. Both versions of Kerr were very impactful to his team, but the Bulls still have the ultimate trump card: Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Durant can score at will, but nobody is as competitive as The GOAT was at the peak of his powers. Of course, Steph Curry might be a better No. 2 over Scottie Pippen in this…

Ultimately, Golden State would have made a more compelling argument for the greatest team ever had Durant stayed. The Warriors did not need to go 6-for-6 in NBA Finals like Jordan’s Bulls did, but what if they had one or two of the championships that went to the Toronto Raptors, the Los Angeles Lakers or the Milwaukee Bucks? If Durant never left, the narrative would be different.

Besides Kerr pick-and-rolling Kerr to death, the only other given is this series will go seven games.

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