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Jaylen Brown clearly upset about Kevin Durant trade rumors

Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown tweeted out his reaction to the Kevin Durant trade rumors, and it wasn’t a positive one.

Brown is tired of being mentioned in trade rumors, especially after he helped will his Celtics team to the NBA Finals this past season. That was seen as a major step by many around the Association, including Brown himself, who is still improving as a two-way force at just 25 years old.

It’s not Brown’s fault, as his play has steadily improved since he was drafted out of Cal. But it’s a lesson in how business is done in modern NBA front offices — unless you’re the best player in the league, there is always, always someone better than you. Only a select few players are truly untouchable, and Brown has not reached that level yet.

Celtics: Jaylen Brown unhappy about Kevin Durant trade rumor

Both Adrian Wojnarowski and Sham Charania reported on Monday morning that Brown was at the center of a Boston trade offer for Durant. The Nets said no to such an offer.

Brown, unhappy that he was mentioned in trade talks, tweeted out a simple reaction a few hours later.

We can’t believe it, either.

Per Shams, the trade talks fell apart because Brooklyn also wanted Marcus Smart and even more draft capital than the Celtics were offering.

As great as Durant is, Brooklyn is perhaps aiming a little too high for a 34-year-old coming off injury. KD hasn’t played a full season in years, and despite being arguably the most talented player in the NBA towards the tail end of his prime, one has to weigh the cost-benefit analysis.

That’s what makes this Boston offer so surprising. With Brown and Jayson Tatum at the forefront, the C’s are close to a championship-level team. They took the Warriors to six games in the Finals!

Is Durant really a necessary addition? And should they not land him, repairing the relationship with Brown is now a top priority.

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