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Steph Curry uses Rams to take a shot at “old” Lakers as ESPYs host

Steph Curry was ruthless while hosting the ESPYs, using the Los Angeles Rams’ Super Bowl success to take a shot at the “old” Lakers.

Warriors star Steph Curry had the eyes of the sports world on him on Wednesday while hosting the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles.

So of course he used the opportunity to take some shots at rivals.

While paying homage to the NFL Champion Rams, he turned his sights on the NBA franchise in Los Angeles and delivered a devastating blow.

Steph Curry takes shot at “old” Lakers as ESPYs host

“It was so inspiring watching y’all [the Rams] play, watching y’all win a Super Bowl, watching y’all celebrate. It’s just inspiring to see that strategy of buying old superstars pay off for a local team around here,” Curry teased.

The Lakers have taken their share of criticism for cobbling together a supporting cast for LeBron James and Anthony Davis by signing every aging former star they could. It clearly didn’t work out for them this past season.

Meanwhile, the Warriors extended their dynasty with a roster full of developed talent and role players who just needed another chance.

That whole joke definitely didn’t ingratiate Curry to Lakers fans, but it certainly played well in Golden State circles.

Curry didn’t make any more friends in Boston either.

Curry’s family even got in on the roast, targeting the Kings and Astros.

It’s been Curry’s year, so he gets to take whatever shots he feels like. He just led the Warriors to a fourth NBA championship since 2015 while winning his first Finals MVP. Getting to host the ESPYs was the cherry on top of it all.

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