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LeBron James Drew League highlights: 3 most iconic moments

LeBron James pulled up to the Drew League on Saturday afternoon, and the result was absolute chaos — for the opposing team, that is.

The end result of a pro-am tournament is just that — a mix of professional basketball players and amateurs who, despite their best efforts, have no place in a league featuring the likes of James and Kyrie Irving.

Yet, it makes for some beautiful television, and another reminder of just how much better these players are than the average person, myself included.

With James potentially teaming up with Irving or even hometown LA product DeMar DeRozan at this tournament, it’s pretty obvious who will win the whole damn thing. Nonetheless, the product makes more some entertaining highlights.

LeBron James Drew League highlights: Spin and dunk with ease

Is there anyone else on the planet who can make this move look so easy? James, with three defenders around him on the fast break, spun around all three like a Barry Sanders highlight tape.

LeBron James parts the crowd like Moses

When LeBron approaches a crowd of people, said group of fans must part. It’s only natural. Let the man through, he has a basketball game to win.

James is about to entire his 20th NBA season, and in that time has built up a legacy rivaled only by Michael Jordan. He’s a basketball God, and one with no plans to retire anytime soon. At 37, he still looks younger than most of us.

LeBron James takes a defender’s soul

As capable as I’m sure most of these players are, they are not at the level of James, DeRozan or Irving. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Even when playing nearly flawless defense, a quick turnaround jumper by James can end any and all hope of a keeping the score down.

Excuse me? The eyes say it all, and if you can’t pause the frame, I’ve got you covered.

Hello, darkness, my old friend.

What is the Drew League?

The Drew League is a pro-am basketball tournament that takes place every summer in Los Angeles, CA. While NBA players have often made surprise appearances, the tournament gained the most traction in the summer of 2011 during the NBA lockout, where players such as LeBron, Kobe Bryant and more took the court at the same time.

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