Power ranking responses to NBA Power Rankings

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NBA Power Rankings are a fraught subject. While numbers often look like facts, the truth is they pretty much boil down to a person’s opinion. Yours too.

Sometimes there are numbers, or letters, or tiers in a specific order. Sometimes this happens for things you care about a lot like teams, or players, or foods. Every once in a while, these are NBA Power Rankings. When this happens, it’s hard not to have a reaction.

It can be easy. When a thing and the thing’s position match up in your mind, a little signal in your brain fires that tells you to be happy. It feels nice. It’s a little confirmation from the universe that not everything is gross and messy. The puzzle piece fits neatly into its place, and everything is fine.

Unfortunately, there are the other times. In these times, a thing and its placement are very different from what you believe or want. Sometimes very different. This can make your brain do bad things.

It’s not uncommon to feel aggrieved. “If the writer knew what they were talking about they’d agree with me,” one can think. “This is an outrage,” one can say. “I need to do something about this,” one can conclude.

This is where it gets dicey. How one proceeds to react to NBA Power Rankings can range from really, extremely bad to constructive and good. “How will I know if what I’m doing is one of the good things though?” Good question, you. Reacting to NBA Power Rankings is complicated. I’ve tried to simplify it by power ranking the possible reactions.

*These rankings work for responding to other kinds of power rankings as well

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