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Nets dealing with 2 key challenges in trading Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn Nets are having a tough time trading Kevin Durant for two reasons — his contract and the return they seek.

The only thing more difficult than trading for Kevin Durant appears to be trading Kevin Durant in the first place. The Nets chose to give in to KD’s wishes when he requested a one-way ticket out of town, but it hasn’t gone according to plan, at least not yet.

To trade KD, the Nets would want a hefty return. It’s understandable considering Durant has a good reputation around the league and remains in his prime with years left on his contract. But that’s exactly why dealing him is so tough.

Acquiring Durant will cost an arm and a leg, unless Brooklyn decreases the price tag. His actual contract — with four years and nearly $200 million remaining on it — isn’t helping the Nets either.

Nets rumors: Is Kevin Durant tradable?

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst explained exactly why Durant hasn’t been dealt yet:

“As I talk to teams, the four years on his contract is not necessarily viewed as an asset. If he was 24 instead of 34, I think we’d be looking at differently,” Windhorst said, via Nets Daily.

Durant is still likely to be traded, but it’s no surprise that Brooklyn and Sean Marks are having trouble dealing him given his remaining salary and expected return. KD is one of the best players in the league. Imagine trading LeBron James in his prime? It’s the only comparable scenario.

But if Durant truly doesn’t want to be a Net, he will eventually be moved. Player empowerment offers him that sort of power, as KD could refuse to show up to camp, or even seek out a trade on his own, if it comes to that.

For now, the Suns, Raptors, Heat and Warriors are considered frontrunners for KD, but even that list is subject to change by the day.

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