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Steph Curry had no chill roasting Charles Barkley’s golf game

Steph Curry wasted no time roasting Charles Barkley during an interview, which is hilarious.

While Charles Barkley has improved his golf swing, it hasn’t improved enough for Steph Curry to give him his due. This week celebrities of all kinds are competing at the American Century Championship, and Barkley bet on himself to finish in the top 70.

Some celebrities like Tony Romo thought he could make that happen, and after a T76 last year, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched, but for Curry, the answer was easy.

When asked about whether he thought Barkley could finish in the top 70 or not, Curry quickly said no, along with a few more things, but it was hilarious because that no had some intent behind it.

Steph Curry knows that Charles Barkley isn’t a safe bet

The video speaks for itself, but it’s pretty hilarious that anyone would beat on Barkley when he is notorious for having a terrible swing. Curry knows what kind of player Barkley is, which makes it funnier to see him just shoot down that question.

Anyone in their right mind would not bet on Barkley to finish in the top 70, but evidently, there are a lot of people willing to make that bet. 

Barkley may have improved his golf swing, but there are far better players out there that should finish higher than him. He is not good at golf, yet people will spend that money. Curry knows that and how ridiculous it is for anyone to bet on Barkley to do well in a golf tournament.

The whole Barkley betting on the Celtics instead of the Warriors comment was also a great dig from Curry since the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship. If Barkley picked the wrong bet, what makes this situation any better?

It doesn’t because Barkley’s not going to finish in the Top 70, and if he does, then it’ll be some of the best golf he has ever played.

Curry knows that, and the burn he gave Barkley in the interview should live on infamously. I love the ‘put it on a tape and play it for him on every tee’ moment, too, because he knows that Barkley won’t use it as motivation, and even if he wanted to, it wouldn’t help.

It’s genuinely shocking to see people take that bet on someone who could have the yips at a moment’s notice, but because he claims that he will finish in the Top 70 they make that bet.

Time will tell if Barkley has a Top-70 in him, but Curry will likely be correct in that it won’t happen or come close to happening.

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