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Brian Windhorst called Kevin Durant’s trade request before it happened

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst predicted Kevin Durant would request a trade well before it happened.

Brian Windhorst is not only having the week of his life, but the ESPN NBA insider may have predicted Kevin Durant would request a trade away from the Brooklyn Nets weeks beforehand.

Windhorst appeared on Get Up shortly after the 2022 NBA Draft had reached its conclusion. The guys were talking about Durant’s Nets teammate Kyrie Irving putting together a sign-and-trade list if he was unable to strike a deal with Brooklyn this summer. One of those teams appearing on Irving’s list was the Miami Heat. Kendrick Perkins did not see them as a fit, but check this out, y’all.

Windhorst interrupted his colleagues by asking what “The Godfather Move” would be for the Heat. He said “The Godfather Move” is not to deal for Irving, but instead, letting the Irving situation blow up for Brooklyn and wait for Durant to ask for a trade out of there. No memes were involved in this thought exercise, but good for Windhorst being spot-on here, as that is precisely what happened.

Windhorst is so good at his job, as we bask in the presence of greatness whenever he is on Get Up.

Brian Windhorst may have predicted Kevin Durant requesting a trade weeks ago

Admittedly, this may not have been all that farfetched of a possibility for the oracle Windhorst to foresee. The Nets are usually a chaotic mess and the Heat are one of the best run franchises in the association. However, the timing could not have been more perfect. Windhorst became the meme of the year with his upward pointing and pontification when it came to the Utah Jazz’s odd moves.

As for if the Nets would trade Durant to Miami, they may play in the same conference as the Heat, but not in the same division, for whatever that is worth. In theory, Brooklyn would have to beat a Miami team led by Durant in the postseason. Therefore, a deal to a Western Conference opponent such as the Phoenix Suns is the all the more likely. However, Miami is still Miami, and that matters.

If Durant were to go to Miami, the Heat would be an immediate contender to win the 2023 NBA Finals. A third championship would do wonders for his legacy. Miami is a place that has shown it can get to the finals with different superstars leading the way. Ultimately, this brings into question what does Windhorst know that we are not privy to. 2022 will be forever The Summer of Windy.

At this point in time, whenever Windhorst speaks, we have to listen because the man is the oracle.

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