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3 trades to get Kyrie Irving onto the Lakers to reunite with LeBron James

Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

Let’s try to trade Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets to the Los Angeles Lakers somehow.

With news of Kyrie Irving potentially opting out of the final year of his Brooklyn Nets deal, everybody’s brain is trying to figure out how the Los Angeles Lakers can trade for him so that he can reunite with LeBron James.

Exhausting, I know, but these two NBA drama queens were made for each other. Together, they did something truly remarkable by giving the mistake on the lake a championship as members of the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers. Irving has not won squat since then, while James has one less-than-stellar Orlando bubble championship in the years that followed. Here is to a great reunion!

If the Lakers are going to trade for Irving, here are what three potential packages could look like.

Kyrie Irving rumors: 3 potential trades to get him onto the Los Angeles Lakers

3. You know what? Let’s do a three-way and get Russell Westbrook back to OKC

Alright, let’s workshop this one a bit, strictly for entertainment purposes. It will be a three-way alright, with Irving reuniting with LeBron on the Lakers, Russell Westbrook is going back to the Oklahoma City Thunder, while Brooklyn will be getting multiple draft picks and other players as compensation. Brooklyn may not be down with this, but this a move that could potentially happen.

In theory, the Lakers will be happier with Kyrie and LeBron reunited and it feels so good. Oklahoma City is going to be terrible again next season, but Westbrook can do Westbrook things in the place he is still seen as a living legend. As far as Brooklyn is concerned, they can build a new core around Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons, while using other assets to acquire a third star, maybe draft one?

The biggest problem with this deal is Brooklyn can do far better than picking up merely draft picks.

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