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Klay Thompson trains for Game 5 in bizarre fashion

Klay Thompson is going to extreme lengths to get ready for Game 5 of 2022 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics.

Water may be cleansing, but Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson was tempting fate with his bizarre training method ahead of Game 5.

The Dubs may have taken back home-court advantage with their latest dub over the Boston Celtics, but these NBA Finals are guaranteed to go six, and may very well go the full seven. With Thompson not satisfied with his play, yes, Cap’n Klay took a swim in the bay. He may be one with the ocean, but a shark will turn any hall of famer into fish sticks faster than you can say Alcatraz.

Clearly, Thompson is more Aquaman than Jason Mamoa, as this Arthur Curry is in complete control of all the vicious beasts that swim in our seas.

Klay Thompson is absolutely fearless with his pre-game prep ahead of Game 5

Thompson might be more merman than King Triton, and definitely more than Derek Zoolander, but one would have thought cranking some yacht rock from his boat would be enough to clear his head. Nah, bruh. Thompson is more about the bay than anyone because he risked his life going into it. This is why he is going to drop 40 in Game 5 for the Warriors as they take a 3-2 series lead.

If Golden State comes alive at home on Monday night, all they have to do is win Game 7 at home and they are NBA champions once again. It would be an incredibly petty ring for the pinkie for the core four of Thompson, Steph Curry, Draymond Green and head coach Steve Kerr throughout this dynastic run. They are in their sixth finals in eight seasons, with his nothing short of remarkable.

Ultimately, all the pressure is on Golden State in Game 5 to hold serve. Should the Warriors drop this, Boston will get to raise an 18th championship banner because there is no way in hell they fall at home in a series-clinching Game 6. Boston has been quite the adversary for the Warriors, but this is the time where their mental toughness will be tested. Thompson is as cool as he ever was.

With the power of Neptune on his side, look for Golden State to wash out the Celtics on Monday.

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