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Remembering the biggest blowouts in NBA history

This week on the Over and Back Classic NBA Podcast, Jason and Rich dive into the biggest blowouts in NBA history.

The Memphis Grizzlies set an NBA record by defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder earlier this year by 73 so the Over and Back Classic NBA Podcast decided to dive deep into the biggest blowouts in NBA history!

Jason Mann and Rich Kraetsch start the episode discussing their personal experiences of attending blowouts live including Rich’s recent trip to the United Center to see his Chicago Bulls get destroyed by the Golden State Warriors then Jason relives an Atlanta Hawks vs. Chicago Bulls blowout as well as an Atlanta Hawks fourth-quarter collapse for the ages.

Then the focus turns to 13 of the NBA’s biggest blowouts ever including:

We’ll answer several questions about each of the blowouts including:

  • How did the blowout happen?
  • How good or bad were the teams going into the blowout?
  • Did the blowout affect the team’s respective seasons?
  • Who helped the blowout happen?
  • The future and immediate aftermath of each blowout and so much more.

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