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NBA hands Grayson Allen punishment for foul that injured Alex Caruso

Amid outrage and anger over the way Alex Caruso suffered an injury, the NBA has decided to suspend Grayson Allen for the foul that led to Caruso’s injury.

The Milwaukee Bucks will briefly miss Grayson Allen after he fouled Alex Caruso. According to a tweet from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Allen has been suspended by the NBA due to a foul that ended up causing a fractured wrist for Caruso.

However, very few people are going to think that this suspension is even remotely fair for those involved.

According to Wojnarowski, while Allen is being suspended, the NBA is only keeping him out for one game. Meanwhile, Caruso has a broken right wrist that could very well need surgery. He’s almost certainly going to miss a lot more than just one game because of the foul from Allen.

There’s something about that sort of light penalty that won’t sit well with folks.

Grayson Allen decides to suspend Grayson Allen after Alex Caruso injury

Allen does take a solid hit to his paycheck though. For some, it may not be enough to offset what happened to Caruso, but Wojnarowski tweeted that Allen would be losing out on about $28,000 because of the suspension.

That’s not an insignificant amount of money.

For those who haven’t seen the play where Caruso was fouled by Allen and subsequently broke his wrist, it’s not pretty. There’s absolutely zero reason for Allen to be grabbing onto Caruso the way he does here.

And yet, Allen does it anyway.

Of course, given Allen’s history and reputation of being a dirty player, few people are really going to give him anything that resembles the benefit of the doubt here. Few people will really be happy to see him return to the court as soon as he does.

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