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Joel Embiid accidentally hit Lonzo Ball with a haymaker (Video)

Joel Embiid was trying to punch the air in frustration but the 76ers star, instead, delivered a punch right to Lonzo Ball’s face. 

The Chicago Bulls and Philadelphia 76ers meeting at the United Center on Saturday night was already a big-time Eastern Conference matchup as the two teams have been shining early in the year. But Joel Embiid must’ve gotten caught up in the hype around UFC 268 or Canelo vs. Plant on Saturday night as well and Lonzo Ball paid the price for that.

In the first half, Embiid was looking to get a bucket in the post. But after an unfortunate play, the 76ers star big man was frustrated with the result.

As a result of his frustration, he went to emphatically punch the air. What he didn’t realize is that Ball was standing right in range of the haymaker and it caught the Bulls guard right in the face.

Watch Joel Embiid punch Lonzo Ball right in the face on accident

NBA 2K might have to lower Embiid’s awareness rating because he clearly didn’t know Ball was right there.

Honestly, hats off to Ball for how he took that punch. It looked as if it connected pretty squarely and he shook it off pretty easily.

Of course, the name of the game in the NBA isn’t how well you can take a punch or, in Embiid’s case, throw a punch. And the two possible contenders were throwing figurative haymakers on the court trying to make statements early in the season.

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