Brandon Ingram opens up about Anthony Davis-Lakers rumors

Brandon Ingram revealed how tough the Anthony Davis trade rumors were for younger players when he was still on the LA Lakers. 

Before the Los Angeles Lakers took home the NBA Finals title over the summer, there were certainly some growing pains for the squad in recent years. Even after LeBron James arrived to town, the team didn’t make the playoffs in 2019 after going 37-45.

That season, trade rumors surrounded the team from the start, with many expecting the Lakers to pull off a move with the Pelicans to land Anthony Davis. Things never got done, though.

While Davis eventually made his way to the Lakers last offseason, Brandon Ingram revealed all the rumors really had a negative impact on the young LA players in 2018-19, as they didn’t know what their futures were with the team.

Brandon Ingram said he and other players were negatively impacted by the Anthony Davis trade rumors

“I know other guys around me, it killed them every day,” Ingram said earlier this week. “When you wake up and you see your name on Twitter, and the guys around me, they love Twitter. They love searching, putting in their names.”

While no Davis trade was completed in 2018-19, it clearly was in the heads of Ingram, Lonzo Ball and others. In the end, the Lakers landed Davis prior to last season and the rest as they say is history. Los Angeles went on to dominate with Davis and James running the show and the team was able to bring home another NBA Finals triumph.

Meanwhile for the Pelicans, they’re loaded with young talent and look poised to make noise this season. The trade very well could end up working out for both sides, but if you ask Ingram, the rumors leading up to it happening sure got old.

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