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The NBA has a booming middle class — or mediocrity abounds

It appears that the somewhat common preseason prediction of needing 48 wins or so to make the playoffs in the NBA Western Conference is already out the window. While acknowledging the season is still very young, only three teams (Warriors, Rockets, Spurs) are currently on pace to win 50 games in the West. And the crowded race between 4th place and 10th place finds seven squads within a few games of .500.

In the Eastern Conference, less was expected but there is similar congestion. Nine teams sit within 2.5 games of each other stretching from 4th to 12th in the conference. And right now it would take more wins to make the playoffs in the East than the West. Which no one predicted.

So is it a booming middle class? Is it parity? Or has mediocrity enveloped us all? And is this all somehow Golden State’s fault?

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On the latest episode of Fastbreak Breakfast, we discuss this and many other topics, including:

  • If you had the take home pay of a first round draft pick, how would you spend it? How quickly would it run out?
  • Who is the latest member of the NBA fraternity to be duped by a nefarious catfisher?
  • Joel Embiid has great comic timing, the taunts of a wrestling heel and rare basketball ability. So what is his ceiling as not just a basketball player, but as a sports personality?

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