Every NBA team’s worst Thanksgiving road trip companion

Everyone’s going somewhere on or around Thanksgiving. Even if it’s just to the corner CVS. Even NBA players.

Have you been in a car before? I know I have. I drive them sometimes to get places I want to go that are too far to walk to but not far enough to fly to. It’s really convenient.

Have you ever been in the car with someone who sucks? I know I have. The drive takes forever despite the fact Wendy’s is only like a mile or two away. Sometimes you wish you were dead. It’s fantastic.

Have you ever been in a car with an NBA player? I know I haven’t, but I sometimes imagine that I have and it never ends well.

These are the things driving this article.

Which NBA players would suck the most to be stuck in a car with? There are all sorts of reasons they could suck — hubris, intensity, being Dwight Howard — but each team has someone special. Come with me. I will show you. Get in the back.

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