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Joel Embiid reminds the world he is king of Twitter with trolling of Warriors

Since being drafted third overall by Philadelphia in the 2014 NBA Draft, Joel Embiid has developed a reputation for his excellence at Twitter.

Embiid loves to talk trash. To teammates. And to opponents. And according to Kevin Durant,  that’s why the Warriors wanted the win, when the two teams matched up this weekend.

Luckily, Embiid let the world know he heard the comments.

Joel Embiid liked several tweets with Kevin Durant’s post-game comments.

The Warriors thought a win would stop Embiid from talking trash on Twitter. They were wrong.

Embiid took to Twitter after the game for an extra-subtle a dig at the Warriors for their infamous blown lead in the 2016 NBA Finals. Because that wasn’t enough petty, Joel name-drops Draymond Green (Draymond got suspended for taking a swing at LeBron that swung the momentum of the series.)

In this case, it’s deliciously petty and everything wonderful about the NBA. Some thought the 3-1 jokes lost their sting after Warriors won the Kevin Durant sweepstakes and their second title in three years.

Although this may be true, in the NBA, petty never sleeps.

The Sixers scored 47 points in the first quarter and went into halftime with a 22-point lead. The Warriors took over in the third quarter and ultimately won.

Some fans got mad at the slight. And responded with tweets like this.

Fortunately, Embiid took tweets like that in stride.

On the positive side, Embiid has been a revelation this season, his play on the court so far has justified the patience of Sixers fans. In the event that he can stay healthy, he will rise in the ranks of the NBA’s best players.

Embiid along with Ben Simmons make Sixers appointment viewing for NBA junkies this season. They’re a potent two-man combination that can have the Sixers contending for years to come.

Besides, all they have to do is trust The Process.

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