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Washington Wizards PG John Wall to miss game with knee soreness

John Wall has soreness in his knee, but it hasn’t become too serious yet.

The Washington Wizards recently revealed that their starting point guard John Wall will miss Sunday’s game against the Toronto Raptors, and that won’t give the fans in D.C. much hope for playoff success this season.

The Wizards lost to the Miami Heat 91-88 on Friday, and Wall’s sore left knee was definitely a factor. He shot 3-for-12, and he only scored eight points in the game. Apparently the fluid in his knee contributed to some swelling.

“It was holding me back,” Wall said to the Washington Post.

The Wizards need him to be the focal point of their offense for any chance of contention this year. Bradley Beal is one of the best shooting guards in the league, and he can even take over as point guard for stretches when Wall is on the bench. That is because Beal is so adept at handling the ball, but he would have no shot of leading Washington to the Eastern Conference Finals if Wall is dealing with a serious knee issue.

He is averaging 19.9 points and 9.3 assists per game, and he sets up so many open jumpers for his teammates. The Wizards are 9-6 so far this season. They have largely dropped out of the headlines due to the Boston Celtics winning 15 games in a row, and obviously the Cleveland Cavaliers tend to be a story quite often as well.

Wall should take his time to make sure the knee feels right when the games matter the most, but the trouble is that he also doesn’t want the Wizards to either miss the postseason or squeak in with a bad playoff seeding. Knee problems are nothing to mess around with, and Wall better not come back until he looks comfortable making his usual moves.

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