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Kevin Durant didn’t want Joel Embiid going on Twitter after game

Kevin Durant had no interest in Joel Embiid trolling the Warriors on Twitter over this weekend.

The Philadelphia 76ers recently played a spirited game against the Golden State Warriors, and it showed just how far they have come in a short amount of time. They outscored Golden State 47-28 in the first quarter, but then only managed 15 points in the third. That ultimately led to Philadelphia losing 124-116.

Joel Embiid has turned heads all season with fantastic individual play though, and it isn’t hard to see that this will be a contender within the next couple seasons. Embiid has additionally gotten attention for his trash talk on the court and in social media.

Kevin Durant even mentioned that was part of his team’s motivation to make their comeback in the third quarter.

“We didn’t want to lose to these guys, especially Joel (Embiid),” Durant said. He would’ve went straight to twitter and talked s**t.”

The Sixers aren’t a team you would want to face in the playoffs, and the rest of the Eastern Conference should start to recognize that. If Embiid gets his minutes restriction lifted for the postseason, then you are talking about one dangerous lineup. He is leading his team in points (22.8), rebounds (10.9) and blocks (1.8) per game while only averaging 29.4 minutes in each contest. Those numbers could go to an astronomical level when you figure that he could play 38 minutes in a playoff game.

Meanwhile, you have the 2017-18 Rookie of the Year Ben Simmons. That isn’t official yet, but you can pretty much count on it. He is putting up 18.1 points, 8.0 assists and 9.1 rebounds per game, which is almost a triple-double, in his first season of action. If he develops a jump shot, then the Sixers are going to be in stellar shape.

Durant wanted no part of Embiid’s trash talk after the game, and KD probably understands that this is a team he might have to face in the Finals one day. He’s just hoping that the Sixers don’t have anything to brag about on Twitter anytime soon.

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