Shaquille O’Neal makes his own ‘Broken Rim Tree’

Shaquille O’Neal has been entertaining us ever since his college years, and he won’t stop anytime soon.

Shaquille O’Neal dunked on and embarrassed a lot of other basketball players during his career, but we seem to forget about the punishment he gave to the rims across the world.

He recently shared a picture of his “broken rim tree,” a sculpture that pays tribute to the rims that were separated from their respective backboards by the big man’s ferocious dunks. The tree has 19 rims, and you can check it out below.

This is a pretty awesome tree, and hopefully Shaq puts lights on it during the holiday season. It’s probable that most of these rims were ripped off in practices or unofficial games, because there doesn’t seem to be game tape of Shaq ripping down 19 rims in official NBA games. But to commemorate the center’s career of destroying backboards here are a few of his most devastating plays.

It’s kind of amazing he never got hurt on any of these plays. That’s a lot of force going to your back when you land unexpectedly like that.

Shaq is doing a fantastic job on TNT along with the other guys, and he recently guest hosted Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show as well. It will be interesting to see what he does with the rest of his career.  He is a sheriff, but he could also probably do something in the entertainment field with movies or television. It’s a certainty that Shaq will never be forgotten as a basketball player. He didn’t completely max out his talent level, but he might be the most entertaining guy to ever play the game.

There aren’t a lot of players in the league today strong enough to rip down rims. That is for sure.

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