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How concerned should the Nuggets be about their offense?

After boasting a high-powered offense last year, the Nuggets and their fans were expecting the fireworks to continue in 2017-18. But so far the team that led the NBA in points per possession once Nikola Jokic was made the full-time starter last year has found itself unable to score at the same rate.

What are the main issues? Has bringing in free agent Paul Millsap to share the frontcourt with Jokic gummed up the spacing? Has Jamal Murray been given too much to handle? What’s going on with Wilson Chandler?

To help answer these questions, Adam Mares (@adam_mares) joins the latest episode of Fastbreak Breakfast. Adam is the site manager of Denver Stiffs and hosts the Locked on Nuggets podcast. Does he share the same concerns? If not the offense, what else is he worried about?


  • What’s the complete story behind the curious decision to drop Jameer Nelson for Richard Jefferson?
  • Is there a better way to optimize Denver’s bench lineups?
  • Will Kenneth Faried ever find a place to maximize his talents?
  • Is Emmanuel Mudiay showing any signs of improvement?
  • How has Will Barton made himself indispensable?
  • Are there any concerns that Nemanja and Strahinja Jokic could carry out a Jeff Gillooly-style plot against Jusuf Nurkic?

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