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Are the Celtics the new Spurs?

Wipe the crumbly remnants of that powdered sugar donut from your unkempt beard and buckle up for the latest episode of Fastbreak Breakfast. Life in the NBA can sometimes be about seizing your moment, stepping up into a higher role when your number is called. Turns out it’s the same in the podcast world. When mysterious circumstances cause Chuck (@themightychuck) to increase his usage, is he ready to shine like Mario Chalmers in the Finals? Or will he fail to deliver, also like Mario Chalmers in the Finals?


  • Was Keith (@royira) justified in demanding a refund from a national tire retailer? Could he have taken an approach with a little more tact?
  • What NBA team is most deserving of a Hard Knocks style behind the scenes television series?
  • If you could go back to any moment and place in NBA history, where would you go, and would you attempt to change the past?
  • Are the Celtics the new Spurs? Does it even matter who plays for them at this point?
  • It seems en vogue to suggest that Kyle Kuzma will have a better career that Lonzo Ball. Is there any merit to this theory?
  • Speaking of the Balls, is there more to this Chinese shoplifting story than meets the eye? Perhaps something conspiratorial?
  • Now that Nerlens Noel has seen a little more of the world, would he rather back up Joel Embiid or Salah Mejri?

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