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Rep The Squad expands its offerings to four NBA franchises

Rep The Squad, a jersey rental service, is now offering its services to fans of three active and one historic NBA franchise.

Just a couple of months after Rep The Squad launched, giving access to a deep stock of NFL jerseys to subscribers, the company has expanded its program to NBA fans.

According to a press release, Rep the Squad has now added jerseys for the Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons and Golden State Warriors along with the Seattle SuperSonics to its reservoir.

“Basketball has some of the most passionate, dedicated and tech-savvy fans in the world, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring those fans a new outlet to express their loyalty,” said Brian Watkins, co-founder & CEO of Rep The Squad. “We’re also very proud to announce the closing of our initial investment round as we continue to grow exponentially.”

For curious fans, yes, the SuperSonics jersey stock does include Kevin Durant. For those unfamiliar with how the service works, subscribers select a squad that they want to rep, and then put jerseys in their virtual locker on the company’s site. The first jersey in the lineup is sent to the subscriber, who is free to wear it as long as he/she likes. Once he/she returns that jersey, the next one in the locker is sent out, and the process repeats itself at the subscriber’s discretion.

Using the service, NBA fans can enjoy some vintage threads like a Grant Hill teal jersey with the flaming horse Pistons logo, a gold Chris Mullins jersey that almost matched his blonde buzz cut, and do their own finger wag in a Dikembe Mutombo jersey complete with the rainbow-laden mountains.

Fans who want to rep active players have plenty of options as well, and Rep The Squad is committed to growing its inventory. For fans who want to show their devotion to their favorite players and teams with fresh looks, it’s hard to find a better value.

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