Jimmer Fredette and Stephon Marbury tussle in China

Jimmer Fredette and Stephon Marbury are playing in China. They’re playing around. Sometimes you just have to be angry in another man’s face.

Stephon Marbury and Jimmer Fredette are at very different points in their careers. Well, kind of. Temporally, they’re far apart. Geographically, they are in the same country playing the same sport. They’re not on the same team, but they’re in the same league. In many ways, this is the best case scenario for both of them right now.

Stephon Marbury is famous for his Starbury line of shoes, being Stephon Marbury on the New York Knicks, having a tattoo on his skull, playing himself in the play “I Was Marbury,” and generally being a pretty successful basketball player.

Jimmer Fredette is somewhat famous for being extremely famous to a very small group of people who latch onto his existence like some cosmic nipple. I don’t exactly understand it. I’m not judging; I’m just observing.

Their respective teams, Fredette’s Shanghai Sharks and Marbury’s Bejing Fly Dragons, faced on on Friday. Fredette went for 54 points. Marbury was also there playing basketball, but neither of those things are as important as this video:


Not exactly a fight, but at least a scuffle. A couple steps short of of donnybrook. It’s at least a confrontation, certainly. It’s enough.

This is a video one should watch at least a couple times an hour. Some people have zen meditation. Other people have healthy physical habits like running and doing burpees on the subway. I have videos of people who have long since left my consciousness touching torsos and looking angry at each other while a voice in a language I don’t speak presumably narrates it.

It’s refreshing. It makes the rest of the day better. I think Marbury may have won, but in a way we all did.

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