NBA refs are ready to hear thoughtful feedback from fans on Twitter

The NBA already sends out final two minute reports on referees. Now thanks to Twitter’s expanded character limit, they’re ready to hear it from the fans.

Twitter recently expanded the character limit on tweets to 280, and it’s now available to all users. Some have used the extra characters to serve the greater good. Others have used it to accept their fate; like the NBA’s referees.

Every basketball fan thinks that the refs either aren’t doing their job correctly, or that they’re out to get their favorite player. The NBA refs had a response for those fans using most of Twitter’s 280 character limit.

Their request is a fairly reasonable one. Before Twitter expanded its character limit it was pretty hard to call out the refs, and be specific about what you were upset about. So many abbreviations, and improper grammar basically killed the tweet, and you really didn’t get your point across.

Now that you have what seems like an infinite amount of characters, fans can be very specific about the bone they have to pick with a certain referee crew. I’m sure Oklahoma City Thunder fans could have used those 280 characters last Sunday when Carmelo Anthony was ejected for a flagrant two foul that was questionable to say the least.

Thunder fans got the chance to use all those characters in Tuesday nights game against the Sacramento Kings when Russell Westbrook was given a flagrant one foul. Westbrook inadvertently hit Bogdon Bogdonavic in the face after Bogdonavic fouled him on a jump shot. Makes total sense right?

Nobody likes the refs, but as per their request fans should at least use proper grammar when telling them how bad they are at their jobs. They’re not asking for much; just complete sentences and rational reasoning. We have 280 characters now there’s no reason why we can’t be more civil with our complaints now.

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