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NBA Twitter delighted with Danny Ainge’s photo of Gordon Hayward shooting from a chair

Celtics Twitter shows their stuff after GM Danny Ainge tweeted a picture of Gordon Hayword working on his shot sitting down.

Nothing can keep Gordon Hayward down, not even a devastating leg injury. Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge decided to give Celtic fans some Monday Motivation by tweeting a pic of Hayward rehabbing from his season-ending injury.

Celtics Twitter was delighted.

To try to keep his near-angelic shooting form intact, Hayward has been practicing his shot throughout his rehab. However, because Hayward can’t stand on his left leg yet, he’s been doing so while sitting down in a chair.

This provided many Boston fans with the motivation and inspiration needed to push them through the toughest day of the year and, to a select few, giving them a chance to show off their well-honed meme and GIF game.

First, those inspirational tweets.

Who said a picture isn’t worth a thousand words? If you’re sitting in your chair at the office (or reading this in the hiding space between the freezer and that pallet of produce — we know you are), how can this tweet not make your day? Seriously, the tweet would inspire anyone to take a chair to the basketball court and practice becoming a force to be reckoned with at H.O.R.S.E.

As always with tweets like this, there were some that were practicing for amateur night at the local comedy club. Below are some of the best.

Thinking about it, that last tweet should probably be considered for Tweet of the Year, because it would be absolutely hilarious if that ever happened. Wrong, but hilarious.

One more thing that we learned from this tweet is that Celtics fans still haven’t let go of the fact that Isaiah Thomas is no longer in Celtic green.

The funny part about that tweet? He’s probably correct.

Keep putting in work Hayward!

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