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Nike NBA jerseys are still ripping, this time for Ben Simmons

There probably can’t be as big a tear as the one that happened to LeBron James on opening night since he’s the most famous basketball player in the world and all, but still …

Surely you remember that LeBron James had his brand spanking new Cleveland Cavs Nike jersey rip right down the back on opening night of the NBA season.

Nike, as you might expect, was quite concerned. The company promised to work with the NBA to make sure it didn’t happen again if at all possible. And it had every reason to want to do just that, considering it wants people to buy them now that it’s in its first year as the official NBA uniform supplier.

Yeah, those jerseys are definitely still ripping.

That’s budding Philadelphia 76ers superstar Ben Simmons who was the victim this time, and arguably the most explosive jersey tear to date.

So what can be done about this fabric-shredding epidemic? It’s possible Nike may have to rethink its standard template or the materials used in the construction of its NBA jerseys. Much has been made about the way they can absorb sweat and moisture better than previous uniforms, but those qualities don’t do much good if they don’t stay together.

On the other hand, maybe Nike can spin this on-court straw into marketing gold. “Wicks away moisture 30 percent faster and can be used as a tearaway jersey of you’re stuck in a door or window or something” sounds like a sales ploy that could work.

We kid, of course, but seriously Nike, this is starting to be a little bit of a bad look.

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