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What have we learned from the first two weeks of the NBA regular season?

Well we’ve officially hit the end of October, which is when the NBA used to begin its regular season. Isn’t it great that things have already been cracking for two weeks? I know my wife, who asked “Have there always been games in October?” thinks so!

Now with two weeks of games under our belts, and inspired by J.K. Simmons’ unnamed CIA character in Burn After Reading, I ask you:

“What did we learn here?”

Perhaps not much. But, at the least, Stan Van Gundy and Frank Vogel seem to have redeemed themselves for underwhelming 2016-17 seasons from their respective teams. And the presumptive conference finalists look like they didn’t necessarily appreciate moving opening night up. So on a brand new episode of Fastbreak Breakfast we wonder how many of these early season trends will continue, and ponder which ones could be permanent.

Other topics covered:

  • The Pacers are actually playing a brand of basketball befitting the name Pacers! Who knew Nate McMillan was just the coach to unlock this uptempo style of play?
  • The Grizzlies are pretty good as we predicted, but are they good for reasons we didn’t predict?
  • Is the Cavaliers malaise even worth talking about at this point? If the team probably doesn’t care, should fans care that they went 1-4 against some of the worst opposition possible?
  • Are the Jazz in serious trouble? (By “serious trouble” I mean “not be a definite playoff team as we prognosticated”)
  • Is there any prediction about Giannis Antetokounmpo you wouldn’t believe at this point?

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