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Joel Embiid wants to spend whole career with Philadelphia 76ers

‘The Process’ is going well enough in Philadelphia that Joel Embiid wants to play there for his entire career.

Fans of the Philadelphia 76ers will be pleased to hear the latest news surrounding center Joel Embiid. In the past, they might have been nervous that his foot suffered another injury, but Embiid has looked impressive and healthy so far this season. He is averaging 20.6 points, 10.2 rebounds and 2.6 assists per game while shooting 84.6 percent from the free throw line.

He is doing all of that while only logging 27.6 minutes per game. That puts his per 36 minute averages at 26.9 points, 13.3 rebounds and 3.4 assists, which are MVP numbers.

The great news for Philadelphia came over the weekend when Embiid was asked by NBC sideline reporter Molly Sullivan if he wanted to spend his whole career in Philly.

The 76ers are only 2-4 this season, but Ben Simmons and Embiid have both looked fantastic. Philadelphia might not make the playoffs this year; however, they are already turning heads around the league. They recently beat the Dallas Mavericks, and head coach Rick Carlisle said before the game that he didn’t want to scare his team by showing them too much film on Embiid.

You can see below why Carlisle felt that way after Simmons in particular chewed the Mavericks up and spat them out.

The 76ers are on their way. They won’t be contenders for at least another year or two, but they are such a young team. That will play in their favor for a lot of reasons. First, the Golden State Warriors are currently at their peak, and Klay Thompson’s contract would have to take a pretty big haircut if he wants to stay on the team beyond the 2018-19 season. Secondly, LeBron James is getting old. His game will age well due to his basketball IQ, but Father Time is undefeated.

The stranglehold that Golden State and Cleveland have had over the championship will eventually loosen, and that is when Embiid and the 76ers will be poised to strike.

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