Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards

Draymond Green fights the Wizards, gets ejected, throws jersey to fan

Warriors star Draymond Green decided tonight was the night to fight the Wizards, and a kid got a free game-worn Draymond jersey in the process.

Draymond Green, the Golden State Warriors’ talented but volatile power forward, decided to take some frustration out on the Washington Wizards.

Before the first half of a surprising Wizards rout came to an end, Green saw his teammates were looking pretty lifeless. So Draymond did what he does best for a team that is slumbering through the early part of the brand new 2017-18 NBA season — he gave them some life.

When the Wizards’ Bradley Beal got his layup sent back to him by Green, he didn’t take that too well. So he went to square up against Draymond, apparently not knowing that Green doesn’t back down from any fight.

For a while, it seemed like the two were engaged in a game of “Who Can Choke the Other Out First,” but then the two tumbled into photographers’ row, with teammates and coaches from both teams trying to pull Green and Beal apart from each other.

Naturally, both Green and Beal were ejected, with Washington’s Kelly Oubre also getting the boot (with Oubre blowing kisses to the crowd). That seemed to give the Warriors, who were basically phoning this game in until a fourth quarter spurt, a new lease on basketball life.

Or at least a reason to care enough to win the game.

While the Warriors lost one of their best players for the rest of the game, it turned out to be a night to remember for one fan in the stands.

When Green was walking toward the Golden State locker room, he took off his jersey and tossed it into the stands. I can only imagine how much blood was sacrificed for the chance to auction off Green’s game-worn jersey on eBay.

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